Valentine’s Day。

Valentine’s Day

Finally the fourteenth day of the second month of the year is here. Valentine’s day.

Although the main purpose for observing this day has been ignored, people are unbothered and still make good use of the ‘unofficial worldwide holiday’.

Around the globe today, realities of life will be made clear to people. The love for a boyfriend or a girlfriend will go up a notch and ‘side chicks’ will know their rightful places- by the sides, after not receiving a text message from their supposed boyfriends.

It’s rather unfortunate that some people who have been enjoying a smooth and romantic relationship with their partners will find out how single they are today after their expected surprise romantic dinner turns into an unfulfilled dream.

And those who have agreed with their hearts to stay out of love will at a point in time regret that decision and wish the day will have only five hours instead of the normal 24hours after they see posts of their friends on social media having fun with their partners.

Social media. To make a long story short, there will be lots of lies on social media. Do not envy that girl who will post a picture of cupcakes on her WhatsApp status with the caption, ‘Can your bae ever?’ She probably ordered it with her own money and has no bae.

And to think of it, unwanted pregnancies will be lingering around and STI’s will be floating in the air, prevention is better than cure. Use protection, better still abstain!

Today is a day of love, show some love by starting with yourself, show yourself some love, pamper yourself, you owe no one an explanation for buying yourself whatever you will buy. It shouldn’t be a big deal if you do not receive any love just show love to others regardless.

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t even be a big deal after all, It is just an ordinary day in the month of love.


Tune your mind, tune your life.

A venomous snake and a mouse lived in the compound of an old farmer and his family. One day, the snake went up to the mouse. “Do you know I can kill the farmer with just a bite?” He said boastfully. The mouse, not so surprised replied, “But he will not die because of that”. The snake was infuriated, “What do you mean? My venom is poisonous” The mouse calmly said, “We live to see” and they parted ways.

That evening, the snake went to where the farmer was resting in his compound. The mouse was looking. There was no light to detect the presence of the snake. The snake bit the farmer on his left foot, around his ankle. The snake quickly left. The farmer screamed for help. His wife hurriedly brought a lamp to look for the animal that bit her husband and probably kill it. The mouse, seeing everything that was going one, walked towards the farmer. The farmer’s wife saw the mouse. She was about hitting it with a stick when the mouse quickly ran into the bushes. The farmer’s wife treated her husband with a balm and they went to sleep.

The next evening, the mouse went and bit the farmer. This time on his right foot around his little toe. The farmer called for help. Before the farmer’s wife could get to her husband, the snake crawled to where the farmer was resting. The farmer’s wife upon seeing the snake, called the neighbors, they treated the farmer, but he died.

The farmer died because, in his mind the bite of a venomous snake was deadly.

The mind controls every action we take. If you tune your mind, your life will automatically take another turn. Tune your mind today and your life will be tuned as well.

Happy Mother’s Day 🎊

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers around the world! You make our world a better place, we can’t love you less.❤️❤️❤️

When I was a child, I was the opposite of my elder sister. My sister was calm, polite, neat, organised and everything expected of a girl. Me, on the other hand was rude, loud, disrespectful, unorganised, just the opposite of my sister.

My mother being a teacher, taught us after school everyday. My mother would take us through all we did in school during the day and go the extra mile to teach us some things above our level.

Because of the extra tuition my mother was giving us at home, I could write my name and the name of every member of my family in full as at age three. I could write essays that were meant for people about five years older than me.

But there was a thing about me. My sister was three years older than me and as such ahead of me in school. 90% of the teachers who taught my sister also taught me. They always told my parents on PTI Days ( Parent Teacher Interaction Day. Open Day in some schools) that I was smarter than my sister so they (my parents) should take good care of me.

Well, that got into my head and I started to misbehave. I didn’t do my homeworks, I didn’t write notes, all because I was ‘smart’. I started to perform poorly in school. I was getting critically low marks and I was gradually moving from an exceptionally good student to a below average student.

My parents tried all they could, from lashing me anytime I got bad grades to preventing me from watching television, but it couldn’t get me back to my position.

My dad ‘gave up’ on me. He refused to comment on my behaviour, he refused to lash me, he only prayed for me all the time. But I needed more than prayers.

My mom, she believed in me. I was in JHS three by then. She would wake me up at dawn to learn, inspect my notebooks, sign under my assignments to prove that she was there when I did the assignment, ensure that I spent less time watching television, buy me storybooks and made me write a summary of every book I read, give me composition topics to write on and ask that I submit it to her every Sunday evening, come to my school every Wednesday to inspect my school work. Initially the teachers were not happy about her weekly presence and they confronted her to reduce it but she did not pay heed to them. She was just bent on making me excel academically.

At the end of the day, she won. I passed my BECE with excellent grades and I got my first choice school.

In my whole life, God has been good to me. He gave me parents who are role models. But when He was making my mom, He certainly had me in mind. I cannot thank God enough! And anytime I count my blessings, I count my parents twice, but I count my mom more than twice!

For The Love Of Food.

Happy Easter! I pray the effect of The Cross will be felt greatly in the lives of everyone.

A big thank you to the new followers. I promise to make you stay.

And to the ‘low-key’ viewers, you are much appreciated.

Enjoy today’s case😁.

Has it ever occurred to you that the taste of food varies from one pot to the other? The same ingredients woman A uses to prepare a meal will produce a meal tasting different from the meal from the pot of woman B.

Sometimes I wonder what causes the difference in taste, whether it is the time the meal takes to cook, the size of the pot, the experience of the one preparing the meal or atmospheric conditions.

Honestly I cannot understand why ordinary boiled eggs with ground pepper should taste differently from the kosua ne mako* being sold in traffic. (Unless the road gives it a flavour).

Even homemade waakye*, will not taste like the waakye Hajia sells across the streets.

And the waakye from a five star restaurant tastes entirely different from Hajia’s waakye.

So what at all can be causing this variety of tastes?

I discussed this with a colleague and according to him, some meals taste better when cooked by a particular group of people.

Ga Kenkey prepared by a typical Ga woman is way nicer than any Ga Kenkey prepared by a ‘non-Ga’.

Similarly, waakye prepared by Hajia will not taste as Heavenly as Maame Fante’s* waakye. All I’m trying to say is that every tribe has a special meal that they can cook singlehandedly and it’ll taste supper good.

Hausa’s have a bachelors degree in preparing the best waakyes and no one can take that from them.

Maybe food vendors can prepare meals assigned to their ethnic groups better than any other meal which isn’t enjoyed by their ethnic group.

So the next time you want to grab a meal, make sure it is the vendor’s ethnic meal (if you really want to enjoy it). But before you do so, make sure the vendor is not an ‘insultant’.

You can share your thoughts in the comments section.😄

kosua ne mako*- Akan name for boiled egg and ground pepper.

waakye*- A meal prepared by cooking rice and beans.

Kenkey*- A meal prepared by cooking fermented corn.

Mama Fante*- A woman from the Central Region of Ghana.