Tune your mind, tune your life.

A venomous snake and a mouse lived in the compound of an old farmer and his family. One day, the snake went up to the mouse. “Do you know I can kill the farmer with just a bite?” He said boastfully. The mouse, not so surprised replied, “But he will not die because of that”. The snake was infuriated, “What do you mean? My venom is poisonous” The mouse calmly said, “We live to see” and they parted ways.

That evening, the snake went to where the farmer was resting in his compound. The mouse was looking. There was no light to detect the presence of the snake. The snake bit the farmer on his left foot, around his ankle. The snake quickly left. The farmer screamed for help. His wife hurriedly brought a lamp to look for the animal that bit her husband and probably kill it. The mouse, seeing everything that was going one, walked towards the farmer. The farmer’s wife saw the mouse. She was about hitting it with a stick when the mouse quickly ran into the bushes. The farmer’s wife treated her husband with a balm and they went to sleep.

The next evening, the mouse went and bit the farmer. This time on his right foot around his little toe. The farmer called for help. Before the farmer’s wife could get to her husband, the snake crawled to where the farmer was resting. The farmer’s wife upon seeing the snake, called the neighbors, they treated the farmer, but he died.

The farmer died because, in his mind the bite of a venomous snake was deadly.

The mind controls every action we take. If you tune your mind, your life will automatically take another turn. Tune your mind today and your life will be tuned as well.


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