Valentine’s Day。

Valentine’s Day

Finally the fourteenth day of the second month of the year is here. Valentine’s day.

Although the main purpose for observing this day has been ignored, people are unbothered and still make good use of the ‘unofficial worldwide holiday’.

Around the globe today, realities of life will be made clear to people. The love for a boyfriend or a girlfriend will go up a notch and ‘side chicks’ will know their rightful places- by the sides, after not receiving a text message from their supposed boyfriends.

It’s rather unfortunate that some people who have been enjoying a smooth and romantic relationship with their partners will find out how single they are today after their expected surprise romantic dinner turns into an unfulfilled dream.

And those who have agreed with their hearts to stay out of love will at a point in time regret that decision and wish the day will have only five hours instead of the normal 24hours after they see posts of their friends on social media having fun with their partners.

Social media. To make a long story short, there will be lots of lies on social media. Do not envy that girl who will post a picture of cupcakes on her WhatsApp status with the caption, ‘Can your bae ever?’ She probably ordered it with her own money and has no bae.

And to think of it, unwanted pregnancies will be lingering around and STI’s will be floating in the air, prevention is better than cure. Use protection, better still abstain!

Today is a day of love, show some love by starting with yourself, show yourself some love, pamper yourself, you owe no one an explanation for buying yourself whatever you will buy. It shouldn’t be a big deal if you do not receive any love just show love to others regardless.

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t even be a big deal after all, It is just an ordinary day in the month of love.


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