After three months break, here I am again! I promise to stay this time. I am on Instagram now @thedblog2020 Do well to follow. Cover image has been changed too, thanks to google.Today’s episode:

Dawger kay phase one

“Hello Kay”

“Hello good morning”

“Good morning…”

“How are you doing today?”

“I’m good”


“I arrived yesterday…”

“But you didn’t call to tell me that”

“It’s not my fault o… I’ve been…”

“You couldn’t even send me a text message”

“You I’m sorry okay?”

“Mm… forgiven”

“Thank you boo”

“So, what’s up?”

“Everything is bad”


“I think the government is not doing a good job in publication, which is creating ignorance among the people”

“You know you can take upon yourself to educate them on the virus? You know better”

“They will say I’m doing that because I want them to know I’m in the university”


“Yeah., I regret coming home, everywhere is boring”


“You know I should have stayed in school or at your place?”


“Because… I love you”

“O really?”

“Yeah, why don’t you want me to be your quarantina?”

“Never said that… let me attend to something, I will call you later yeah?”

She knew ‘later’ meant when I remember but she went on and replied in the affirmative.

“Yes pl…”

He hung up even before she could finish saying yes please.


“I’m going have a donation today and I need you and the kids to come along”

“I’ve explained to my kids that they are not going out in this period, I can’t go back to tell them to follow me for some donations I’m not interested in”

“My kids, my kids, my kids, like their yours alone”


“You make peace so impossible to achieve in this house”

“That’s your opinion, you are entitled to it by the way.”

He left and I continued with my workout. A few weeks ago, I would have struggled to choose specific answers for him, this time, I said the first things that came to mind and I was proudly unapologetic about how he felt.

“All you care about is your children, that is very bad, care about others.”

“What is the essence of this donation?”

“Do you even care about that?” He staggered

“I just want to confirm if you want to be noticed for your generosity or you truly want to help”

“You are just not a woman of peace”

“At least I’m not pretending to be generous so that is fine”

“I’m going with my kids. I’ll tell the media you are indisposed and that is why you couldn’t join me”

“I just hope my kids will follow you”

He went to speak to the kids and only Nhyira agreed to go with him. I didn’t have a problem with that. He went out alone. Nhyira wasn’t disappointed so obviously he spoke to her before leaving.

See you soon


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