Before Sugar Daddy Kay, there was a bestie. They both know they are not only besties as they claim. They are more than that, sometimes the relationship between them is in between close friends and cousins. He is the only one on Legon campus who knows her intimately. He knows that she is from a family of about twenty-five. He knows that her mother is the first wife of her father’s four wives and numerous concubines. He knows that she is the third born of her mother’s four children but she isn’t aware of her position amongst her father’s plentiful children. He knows that her father does not spend a dime on her. And he also knows that she is in school due to the efforts of her uncles who thought she was too brilliant to be deprived of tertiary education. The day she told him she was moving to a single room hostel, he thought it was the generosity of a distant uncle who suddenly arrived from Europe whom she has never spoken of. And when she told him it was a friend who was paying for the rent, all the other questions followed. Do your uncles know? If your uncles don’t know why are you accepting his offer? Do your siblings know? Isn’t this what your elder sister did and ended up pregnant out of wedlock? Why does he want you to have privacy if he is just a friend? Is he married? Why doesn’t he want you to mention it to anyone? Don’t you think he will ask for sex in return? He was just worried that he was going to lose her to a rich man because he secretly had feelings for her although she was his occasional sex doll. Turns out he wasn’t going to lose her; his long list of needs and wants were yet to be met due to the kindness of Kay. There was a time Kay went to Dubai, he brought her three sneakers, only one was her size. She saved one for her brother and went to give one to Jude that it was a present from Kay. That is when it all started. He started making orders through her, “Tell Kay we are hungry”, “Tell Kay you want to go to the spa”, “Tell Kay you want a treadmill”. He got all his orders, yet he never saw Kay.

Initially, times without number, she considered backing out of the relationship but Jude was always there with his ‘he loves you a lot, you will crush him’ speeches. But she knew better. Apart from money and expensive gifts, there was nothing else he was doing for her. She couldn’t complain—he was married.

She knew it was a sin to be going out with a married man, she wasn’t happy when her father started having extra marital affairs and she didn’t wish it upon any other person yet here she was, destroying someone’s marriage.

Her conscience stopped pricking her the day Kay told her he was going to marry her after her degree. She was going to be a wife and a manageress after her first degree when her mates will probably be struggling to get 9-to-5 jobs. She felt better and way above their league. That is when she started being arrogant. She never mentioned to Jude that Kay was married. And she never mentioned to Kay that she has been sleeping with her bestie occasionally.

Social distancing preparations.

Since the day Kay and I started having our squabbles, I never found delight in staying at home with the kids. We will all be at home alright, but I did not want them to see me idle. Seeing me idle meant they could ask me questions, and that meant I had to formulate more lies. I did not want to paint their father black and I did not want to portray myself as the strong woman in the picture either. I simply did not want them involved and I did not want to give them clues as well. The president announcing social distancing and self-isolation scared me. No, I hadn’t come into contact with any covid-19 patient (Ghana had recorded less than 10 confirmed cases). My fear was staying at home with my kids. I was bound to eventually get bored staying at home with the kids alone and that meant more questions from the kids, more lies from me, and what I dreaded most; the Daddy-Kay-is-going-to-have-a-second-wife dialogue I had to have with each and everyone of them.

After staying up to listen to the president’s address to the nation, I did the first thing that came to mind—I made a list of all the items I was going to need for lockdown and even the ones I was never going to find useful. I was beginning my lockdown. Something the president did not mention.

First thing on Monday morning I went to the bank for a huge withdrawal. I explained to my kids why they wouldn’t be going to school, then I set off to the market. Knowing that Ghanaians were going to take advantage of the situation and inflate the prices, I went to the Madina market and did the first part of my shopping. I bought all the non-perishable goods on my shopping list, I literally emptied half of the shop. I arranged everything into my kitchenette using four hours and thirty-seven minutes.

The next day I went to the market for foodstuff shopping. It was market day at Adawso so I took advantage of that and drove forty-five minutes to Adawso with my kids for shopping. I filled the boot of my car before I drove back to Accra.

I did my stationary shopping which was my last shopping on the morning of the nextday. And I used the rest of the day to educate my kids on the virus and the precautionary measure. I bought a veronica bucket, boxes of acididc soap, a gallon of rubbing alcohol, and boxes of hand sanitizer from an online shop and I had it delivered that day. The next day was stews and soup making day. I stuffed my freezer with every kind of stew and soup.

I finally survived a whole week without telling any lie to my kids. On Sunday evening I told them my intentions to start homeschooling them. They were all excited about my plan and so I went ahead to read out the timetable to them. They were supposed to start learning from 8am to 10am, break for thirty minutes, take another two hours, break again for lunch at 12:30pm, resume at 1:30pm, and end at 3:30pm. I also explained to them they were not going to learn on Thursdays and Fridays. They were at liberty to use my sewing machine, their piano, their bicycles, their scooters and anything on those days.

Everything was perfect, for the first three days. While I’m teaching a child , the other two are doing self learning. We just did a recap of what they were learning in school before the ban on social distancing. Out of the blue their dad arrived on the evening of Wednesday.

Thank you for reading!

Stay safe!

See you soon!


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